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Liquid PU Adhesives

Developed for Durability and Strength!

Our Liquid Polyurethane Adhesives have high adhesion strength and cure quickly on the surfaces where they are applied. It is formulated with a simple application, strong, economical, aesthetic, and balanced structure with a very small amount of consumption on the surface.

Our adhesives maintain their adhesion properties between -50°C and 80°C temperatures and have high water resistance. It is resistant to factors such as abrasion, temperature, and pressure brought about by climatic or usage areas and is used in many sectors such as the polyurethane family to which it belongs.  Our products, which have high adhesion properties in wet and aqueous environments, can be applied safely on surfaces with or without moisture. With these features, it is an unrivaled product to meet the needs in many sectors where many different materials such as wood, glass, metal, plastic, and MDF are required to adhere.

Some of the sectors where our products are used thanks to these features;

In Wood Industry, polyurethane adhesives are used extensively in furniture production facilities where composite materials and panels are also used a lot, in decorative woodworking, wooden wrought iron construction, and indoor window staircase house construction: In short, wherever there is wood, there is liquid PU adhesives.


In Maritime and Maritime Transportation, it is used as an auxiliary material in the manufacture of ships, boats and similar transportation systems.

In Construction and Building Industry, it is used in the bonding of floor products, doors, windows, marble, and similar flooring bonding. 

In Automotive Industry, it is generally used for bonding composite materials in many parts of the production industry. 

The most important reason why our products are used in many different industries mentioned above due to the following advanced features of our products;

  • Bonding various different materials
  • Easy implementation
  • Immediate use in production
  • High resistance to heat and water
  • Cross-linking for long-term durability


You can read more about our Liquid PU Adhesives product range, from the tabs below. If you want more detailed information you can either take a look at our TECHNICAL DATA SHEETS page or you can fill out the CONTACT FORM to reach out to our expert sales representatives.

While design engineers look for more lightweight materials to meet their mitigation targets, difficulties are often encountered in bonding different materials due to different chemical properties. The strength, durability, longevity, and versatility properties of our Liquid Polyurethane Adhesives emerge as the ideal solution for bonding composite panels altogether.

For more detailed information about our products, you can fill out the CONTACT FORM to reach our expert sales representatives.

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