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 We develop high-performance and innovative solutions

enabling our customers to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. 






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Why You Should Work with FRİMPEKS?

As one of the leading companies in the industry, offering not only chemistry solutions but also printing solutions for local and global customers since 1988.

We have a wide product range in parallel with the needs and applications of our customers. We have developed these product ranges with our business partners by closely following the technological developments of the industry and the latest consumer trends.

The basic feature that distinguishes Frimpeks from its competitors is the approach to  "Pre-Sales Consultancy" and "After-Sales  Services". We provide fast, high-quality, and flexible pre-sales consultancy and seamless after-sales services to our customers with our experienced and trained staff before, during, and even after product sales.

Frimpeks has a service network with trained and customer-focused staff in 10 locations around the world, which are located to reach our customers easily and as fast as possible.

We have a service network that will provide you seamless customer experience with our trained and customer-focused staff in 10 locations around the world, from the Americas to Europe.

We work around the clock with our trained and expert staff in our laboratories to adapt our products and implement new creative ideas to develop our industry.

While developing the most innovative products (adhesives, inks, coatings, pigments, paints, industrial coating chemicals) in our R&D Center located in our Çorlu Production Facility (in Türkiye), we also conduct quality control in production processes.

In our Performance and Technical Application Labs located on the same campus, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions to our customers by co-working and demonstrating their production processes.

We work to ensure maximum customer satisfaction by providing the right guidance, the right product, and technical service to thousands of customers in many industries (e.g. Food & Beverage, Logistics & Transportation, Packaging, Personal Care, Retail, Petroleum, Chemicals, Automotive, Furniture, Glass, Plastics, etc.).

We can easily offer a tailor-made solution developed just for you or we can choose and adapt one of the solutions that we have offered for the similar case in the same industry.

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