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We participated Women Symposium

The Women's Symposium, dedicated to the Women of the Future on the 100th Anniversary of the Republic of Türkiye, was held on 11 October 2023 World Children’s Day at Istanbul University (IU).

Following the opening speech, Prof. Dr. Nuran Yıldırım gave the opening lecture titled "Women's Entry into the Medical Profession and the First Female Physicians of the Republic". Afterward, Feyza HEPÇİLİNGİRLER continued the symposium with her lecture titled "Literature 'Living According to Others, Even in Literature'" and Prof. Dr. Ali Murat VURAL continued the symposium with his lecture titled "Communication 'A Repositioning for Young Women of the Second Century of the Republic'".

Frimpeks Human Resources and Corporate Communications Director Tuba CİHANTEPE made a speech titled "Career 'Career Journey of Girls'". Ms. Cihantepe, who is also the pioneer of the Frimpeks Stars project, mentioned the importance of girls' education in her speech with the following words: "The most basic thing we need to do for girls who will be the professionals of the future - besides concrete actions - is to believe in their talents, to allow them to reveal their potential, to teach them that they are in control of their own lives and career journeys.

She concluded her speech with these words " We are here to break glass ceilings! Because if women are strong in a society, that society is strong. If women are educated in a society, that society is progressive. If women are free in a society, that society is democratic. If women are happy in a society, that society is happy."