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R&D is an important driver of economic growth as it spurs innovation, invention, and progress.

We provide fast and seamless pre-sales consultancy and after-sales technical services to our customers with our experienced and trained staff before, during, and even after the sales.

In order to realize such a service, we heavily invested in lab equipment and experienced staff in our R&D Center and various laboratories to generate knowledge to create new technology and products.

Some of the cutting-edge technological equipment that we use in our labs can be listed as follows; Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometer, Micro Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer, Differential Scanning Calorimeter, Particle Size Analyzer, Minimum Film Formation Temperature Measurement Equipment, Microtome, Autoclave, QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester, and QSun Xenon Weathering Chamber.


R&D Center

Our expert personnel in our R&D Center in the Çorlu Production facility is solely working on the development of solutions to some common issues and technology challenges in the fields of raw materials, formulations, packaging concepts, and production methods. 

Moreover, we are working on developing new technologies and formulations for product innovations in our markets across all regions enabling tailor-made approaches for the industries and customers.

Our main goal is to become a partner for each client and be able to support their production and creative process, come up with tailor-made solutions, reduce their production costs, and respect the environment.

At our R&D Center, new solutions and efforts toward customers’ needs take place in the fields of Self-Adhesive Products (incl. Pressure-Sensitive Labelstocks, Graphic Products, and Solutions), Printing and Packaging, Industrial Adhesives, and Industrial Coating Chemicals.

  • National and Global Projects

In order to lead and develop the industry, we work side by side with TUBITAK - The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye, which is the leading agency for the management, funding, and conduct of scientific research in Türkiye. We have completed two TUBITAK projects within the scope of nationally supported projects.


  •  University and Industry Cooperation Projects

While carrying out our R&D activities, we also cooperate with many national and international universities to accumulate multi-disciplinary know-how across the printing and chemical industry.

Within the scope of University-Industry Cooperation (USI), Frimpeks R&D Center continues to work in cooperation with national and international universities to strengthen relationships and develop expertise in the industries in which we work.

The joint research and development projects cover open innovation meetings, student internships, laboratory facilities, events, publication subscriptions, and technical trips.

Within these studies, we carry out joint studies with two universities at the national level and one university at the international level. Moreover, to adapt our multi-disciplinary projects to real life, we cooperate with more than 10 national and international large, medium, and small-sized companies.


Performance Lab

Our accredited laboratory for chemical and physical tests to assess and certify all of our products. We also conduct chemical and physical analysis, plus quality control in production processes in our Performance Lab.

What's more: besides testing, we also offer a tailored consulting service to help you achieve the quality standards you desire.

We accurately analyze all the characteristics of the product, optimizing the formulations from a chemical perspective, and evaluate with scientific precision the qualitative consistency of the various components.



Technical Application Lab

Frimpeks takes pride in its Technical Application Laboratory for Industrial Coating Chemicals since it carries the most important types of coating systems used by manufacturing companies to coat wood and other materials,

Our Technical Application Lab can simulate and test the formulated products under different conditions. Thanks to our partnership with the world's leading coating system manufacturers, we can advise the client on the best system configuration as early as the planning stage, to achieve excellent results and full customer satisfaction in terms of the return on investment.

We have dedicated an entire area to performing physical tests on applied products we carry out tests on coated surfaces during product development, to improve its technical characteristics and avoid fault occurrence during use. Thanks to this laboratory, customers have the chance to request specific tests on their finished products, to evaluate their characteristics and performance.