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Glass Coating Chemicals

Re-Vitalize Your Glass!

More than 10 years ago, the development of special products for glass coating has been a breakthrough, especially in the flat glass industry. With our various color options, our product groups for coating flat and hollow glass allow you to change your perception of glass.


We have worked with glass manufacturers and introduced many innovations to enhance the industry. We provide our customers in the glass industry with UV-curable glass paints and solvent-based primers in various colors as basecoats for digital printing on glass

Especially the white ground color we use on the glass surface has a great positive effect on the appearance of the digital printing on the surface. In addition to the existing white ground color; light brown, cream, black and gray colors are also available.


The product features of our Glass Coating Chemicals can be summarized as follows; 

  • High resistance to silicone adhesives
  • High water resistance
  • High scratch resistance
  • Good chemical resistance
  • High opacity


You can read more about our Glass Coating Chemicals product range, from the tabs below. If you want more detailed information you can either take a look at our TECHNICAL DATA SHEETS page or you can fill out the CONTACT FORM to reach out to our expert sales representatives.

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