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Textile Lamination

Textile Lamination

The textile industry, crucial for everyday items such as bedding, upholstery, and clothing, has grown substantially. There has been a notable expansion in the variety of materials, particularly with lamination techniques using adhesives to create strong and reliable bonds.

The technical textiles industry has consistently expanded in recent decades, driven by contemporary trends and evolving needs. This growth has significantly enhanced the value of textiles through the strategic development of multi-layer composites.

The PURPEKS series of PUR adhesives offers a comprehensive range of solutions meticulously designed to meet specific requirements and incorporate alternative technologies. These solutions incorporate features like wash resistance, breathability, and precise mechanical properties.

Considering the diverse range of textile substrates and the virtually limitless combinations available, each possesses unique characteristics, requiring careful and customized solutions.



Product Viscosity 80 C (mPa.s) Viscosity 100 C (mPa.s) Viscosity 120 C (mPa.s) Textile Membrane Film Foam Characteristics / Applications
PURPEKS 505.30 10.200 3,200 1,100  ☑  ☑  ☑ Excellent universal product with wide adhesion spectrum fast crosslinking
PURPEKS 505.60 13.200 4.000 1.400  ☑  ☑  ☑ Excellent universal product with wide adhesion spectrum
PURPEKS 518 43.000 13.500 6.500  ☑  ☑   Outdoor curtain good hydrolysis and washing resistance
PURPEKS 526 50.500 10.750 2.500  ☑     High initial strength, heavy textiles, fast crosslinking
PURPEKS 508 22.000 10.000 5.750  ☑  ☑   Very good for memrane lamination, PTFE, soft textile touch
PURPEKS 521 60.000 23.000 11.000  ☑  ☑   High initial strength, high viscosity, heavy textiles
PURPEKS 500 31.000 10.000 3.900  ☑  ☑  ☑ Excellent universal product with wide adhesion spectrum
PURPEKS 507 7.500 3.500 1.900  ☑     PTFE membrane, good washing resistance
PURPEKS CLEANER 900 Liquid For cylinder cleaning. Flash point -6°C
PURPEKS CLEANER 910 Liquid For cylinder cleaning. High flash point
PURPEKS CLEANER 920 Solid 8.000-12.000 cp viscosity at 120°C. For drum melter and hose cleaning
PURPEKS CLEANER 950 Liquid For cylinder cleaning. Flash point 65°C


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