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Frimpeks® discuss the science behind low migration at drupa 2016.

16 марта, 2016

Frimpeks is a market leader in the development of inks, varnishes and coatings. A relative newcomer in the low migration arena this specialist product category will be a major topic of discussion at the forthcoming “drupa” international trade fair in Dusseldorf. Running from May 31st to June 10th Frimpeks technical staff will be on hand to discuss the science behind this important shift in the ink and packaging industries. Hall 03/B35.

But what do we mean by low migration?

The term “low migration” packaging is used to describe materials used in the packaging industry whose chemicals will not migrate, or move, from the packaging into the product. In the interest of food, pharmaceutical, beverage and healthcare sectors particularly.

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Spotlight Frimpeks® Germany

15 марта, 2016

Who is Frimpeks®?

Frimpeks® specialise in products for the print and packaging industries. With operations in several countries including Germany, Turkey, UK, Russia and the USA they know a few things about the global label stocks and ink market. Adhesive coated paper and filmic labelstocks are produced in volume to the roll label converting market. More recent developments include substrates for the digital media market along with new UV ink solutions such as low migration products.

Founded in 2009 Frimpeks® GmbH manufactures over 60 million sqm of Hotmelt label stocks per annum. With capacity and plans for growth it has invested continuously under the leadership of Director Harald Proll. Based in Remscheid, the German site serves South and Western Europe, with a special focus on German speaking countries and the Benelux region. Providing print packaging converters with a continuous supply of Hotmelt, Acrylic and Solvent based laminates for predominantly label stocks.

This manufacturing capability is backed up by a professional and knowledgeable customer service, technical support and product development teams.

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Frimpeks® launches a new range of self-adhesive substrates with a removable microsphere arcylic adhesive type.

19 ноября, 2015

Frimpeks® launches a new range of self-adhesive substrates with a removable microsphere arcylic adhesive type. It’s so sensitive it can adhere to extremely thin papers and peel without tearing the paper or leaving a residue.

Essentially the adhesive contains tiny little beads that sit on the surface of the adhesivDr Jernej Kajtna, Business Development Manager for Frimpeks® Europee when in contact with the labelled product. Dr Jernej Kajtna, Business Development Manager for Frimpeks® Europe explains the technicalities. “The main difference in the performance of microsphere suspension–based and emulsion-based PSA’s is the different particle size distribution (PSD) of material produced by the respective synthesis process.

The PSD drastically affects the characteristic of the film formed by the PSA upon its application. In emulsion systems, the fine adhesive particles, when dried, coalesce to form a continuous film. This smooth adhesive film in prolonged contact with a surface will increase in tack and peel strength with time. In the case of the microsphere adhesive, the adhesion arises from the physical structure whereby the formed film is discontinuous and spheres are in contact with the surface only at their tops, which causes lower peel strength, but also improves their removability.”

Frimpeks® Microsphere PSA consists of spherical polymer particles in the 3 – 30μm range. This type of adhesive is best described as niche speciality and can be used in a variety of products. Peel adhesion is retained after being repositioned. Lower peel values are seen as compared to standard emulsion adhesives.  They remove cleanly from a wide variety of substrates and the adhesive is also UV stable. Contact Frimpeks® to request a sample.

Frimpeks® ready to make a splash at Labelexpo Europe

25 августа, 2015

Frimpeks®, a global manufacturer of self-adhesive laminates and inks will be attending this years Labelexpo Europe. Established in 1988 recent years have seen the business develop a global brand manufacturing and supplying label stocks and UV inks to the print, packaging and converting industries throughout the world.Read More

Frimpeks® continue to invest in new UK plant.

24 июня, 2015

Frimpeks®, a global manufacturer of self-adhesive laminates, inks, wood coatings and digital media has recently opened its UK plant in Saxmundham, Suffolk, England. The specialist self-adhesive laminate plant employing 20 UK employees has commissioned a new 1500mm Pagendarm acrylic coating line capable of producing a range of adhesives from standard permanents through to deep freeze, removables and super peel.

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Frimpeks® is pleased to announce the recruitment of Dave Casey as its UK Managing Director.

31 марта, 2015

Frimpeks®, a global manufacturer of self-adhesive laminates, is pleased to announce the recruitment of Mr. Dave Casey to head up its newly founded UK based operation.

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FESPA Digital 2016

30 марта, 2015

Frimpeks® will be attending the FESPA Digital event in Amsterdam from 8th to 11th March 2016

FESPA Eurasia 2015

30 марта, 2015

Frimpeks® will be attending the FESPA Eurasia show in Istanbul from 10th to 13th December 2015

Find us on Stand B30 and register for the show here if you haven’t already. Registration


Look forward to building more relationships in Istanbul in December.

To arrange an appointment at FESPA Eurasia in advance please provide your details here.




Pictured is our stand at the recent Labelexpo.

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