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Double-sided Filmic Tapes

Our double-sided filmic tapes offer choice, performance and value for money.


  • PET, PVC, PP and cast PP backing available
  • Rubber or acrylic adhesive systems
  • Variety of thicknesses
  • Selection of liners to choose from

Typical Applications

  • Laminating
  • Reinforcing
  • Splicing
  • Mounting
ProductBackingAdhesiveThickness (Excl.Liner)Peel AdhesionShearTackNotes
76144 0012PETwbAC70 µm4,3 N/cm++Double-sided ULTRA CLEAR tape. Adhesive Layer is highly transparent quality and supplied on PET release liner.
76144 0028PETdiff.
wbAC70 µm5,2 N/cm
0,2 N/cm
++Double-sided tape with differential adhesive. Open side is coated with permanent adhesive. Covered side is coated with a removable adhesive which is also suitable for paper substrates
76144 0002PPSR70 µm++Double-sided tape uses a rubber based adhesive which has high initial tack. A double-sided general purpose adhesive tape designed for bonding of various substrates.
76144 0022PETwbAC80 µm3,2 N/cm++Double-sided tape for mounting a variety of materials. Due to the thick release liner the tape is suitable for die-cutting process. The adhesive has permanent adhesion properties.
76144 0024PETwbAC70 µm6,0 N/cm0+Double-sided tape for general purpose application. Tape can be used to mount different materials together.
6570 5417CPPSR205 µm18,6 N/cm+++Double-sided tape has excellent peel and tack properties. Due to the high coating weight the product works on rough surfaces.
6570 5414CPPSR100 µm11,5 N/cm++Double-sided tape which has excellent peel and tack properties. Ideal as a general purpose product to bond smooth surfaces together.

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