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Line Commissioning & Trials

range-of-label-stocks-to-choose-fromFrimpeksĀ®Ā proactively supportĀ our customers. During product trials and partnership projects weĀ place technical staff on-siteĀ to work on production line tests. Our international infrastructure means our technical team can beĀ deployed worldwide.

Our knowledge ofĀ print,Ā packagingĀ andĀ coating linesĀ is extensive and available for our customers to tap into. Our ethos is to provide added value through quality technical support. Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice on installing new production lines or how to get the best out of existing lines.

tension-testingTechnical trials

Our laboratory and technical staff are also available to conduct mechanical material trials on behalf of our customers. Standard testing methodologies include;

  • Taber Abraser
  • Scratch Resistance (radial)
  • Impact Resistance (small and big ball)
  • Martindale (Micro Scratch Resistance)
  • Water Immersion Test
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Light Fastness and Weathering
  • Hamberger Hobel (Coin Test)
  • Cross Cut and Tape Test

testing-equipmentOur laboratories are equipped withĀ industry specific equipmentĀ for product testing. FrimpeksĀ® are keen toĀ offer access and training to our customers technical staff. This approach has paid dividends in building longstanding relationships that deliver value.

To organiseĀ free access and trainingĀ on any of the following facilities please contact our team of specialists via our simpleĀ online form

  • Roller Coater
  • Filler Machine
  • Double Reverse
  • Printing Machine
  • Curtain Coater
  • Spray Cabinet
  • UV Curing Units
  • IR Oven
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