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  • Self Adhesive Labelstocks
    Building on our existing local strengths we are continuously investing to become a global player in label industry. With our extensive product range, we serve the industry with the utmost quality and performance across a variety of industries.
  • We supply the following industries:
    Food, Beverage and Wine, Logistics and Transport,Personal Care, wood-coating-trialsRetail, Oil and chemical labelling, Tyre, A4, Digital Printing.
  • With the following products:
    Coated, Uncoated, and Specialty Papers
    Thermal Transfer papers
    Filmic Face and Backing Materials
    Direct Thermal Materials (Paper and Synthetic)
    Florescent Materials
    Security Papers and Films
    Digital and Inkjet materials
    Non-adhesive Materials (Tags, Boards, multilayer constructions)
  • Digital Printing
    We offer graphic business products including Digital Printing Vinyls, Laminating Films, Ultra Clear Films, Mounting Tapes and Double-Sided Tapes for everyday jobs and specialty applications.
  • Graphic Products
    Wide Format Digital Printing, Vinyls, Monomeric Vinyls, Laminating Films.
  • Adhesive Tape Systems
    Double Sided Tapes, Foam Tapes, Masking Tapes, Transfer/Reinforced Tapes, Specialty Tapes.


coating-manufacturingChemical Business Line

  • UV Inks and Coatings
    With over 15 years worth of experience in this area, we place great importance on our range of UV curable Inks and Coatings. We manufacture in Turkey and the US to the  highest quality standards and can offer “custom made” products for the printing industry.
  • UV Inks
    Flexo, Letterpress, Dry Offset, Offset, Digital UV Inks, Low Migration Flexo
  • UV Coatings
    For Offset, Flexo, Screen many standard and specialty products
  • Wood Coatings
    With a vast experience of wood coating technology onto flat surfaces, Frimpeks is investing heavily in its R&D and production capabilities. This will result in us launching our spray system for the furniture industry in 2016.  This will include a range of products including PUD and UV based products.  Our Market Segments include; flooring, PDL Flooring and 3D Flooring.
    Furniture: High Gloss Coatings on Curtain Coating lines, Backing Coating, Roller Coater Lines, Furniture Coatings on Roller coater Lines.
    PVC Edgebending: UV Inks, Primers, Top Coats
    Door: Door Skin Primers,Door Skin Top Coats
  • Adhesives
    We have made huge investments in a water based adhesive manufacturing facility in order to supply our current customer with these allied products which are used in printing, packaging and the furniture industries. We are able to control and modify our products to meet customer demands rapidly using our state of the art laboratories and experienced engineers, technicians and scientists.
  • Product Range
    Paper Film Lamination,Various Lamination Adhesives, Adhesives for Wood and Furniture Industry
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Label Expo 2019
September 11, 2019
Frimpeks in action at the 2017 Eurasia Packaging Fair. TUYAP Istanbul
February 09, 2018
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